A Baltimore based funk R&B group was born and the dynamics of the three piece horn section, the vocalizing of Larry Jacobs and the grooves from the rhythm section brought forth more than just something to tap your foot to. This was a style of music years ahead of its time and now with the 6 orignal members ready to make an incredible comeback, be on the look out for something new, special and exciting!

Come Go With Me // 1976 


Come within side of Pockets and hear their number one hit "Come Go With Me" and others like Pasado, Elusive Lady, Lay Your Hear On My Shoulder and many others.

Take It On Up // 1979 


Take It On Up and other classics can be found on this LP that will take you back into memory lane.

So Delicious // 1980


So Delicious speaks for itself as the group had no instrumental say in this LP or how it was created or arranged. The only fortunate members out of a 9 piece group that peformed on this recording was Larry Jacobs on vocals, Gary Grainger on bass and George Gray on drums. The rest of the group was on vacation at the time.